Hi there! Let me give you a quick lesson on polyester glitter (the kind that we sell)! Most glitters that the big craft stores sell are craft glitter, which I'll be frank with you are not the best. The colors can fade over time, are not solvent resistant (can bleed in resin and other solvents), don't lay as flat, and just aren't as pretty. That's where polyester glitter comes in! This stuff won't fade, doesn't change on you over time, won't bleed, lays super flat for those burnished cups and hard to epoxy over chunky mixes, and most importantly SPARKLE like nothing you've seen before!

We sell our regular hex glitters in 1 oz bags, 2 oz bags, 1.5 oz shakers (clear square shakers), 4 oz shakers (clear square shakers), and 3.5 oz shakers (clear round shakers with black lid). We are currently switching from selling in bags and square shakers to selling in 3.5 oz shakers. The bags and square shakers are measured and sold by weight but our new round shakers will be measured and sold by volume. Eventually, we will only sell in 3.5 oz shakers weighed and sold by volume.

Our specialty glitters and sequins such as shapes and dot mixes are sold in premium acrylic 1 oz jars with shiny chrome screw-on lids. They are measured and sold by volume (and their prices reflect this)!