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Hi Fairies! This is where we will make announcements about shipping and our policies. Please take the time to go through and read all of this important material.

COVID 19 ANNOUNCEMENT: Shipping carriers are currently backed up due to Corona Virus so shipping times are not as fast as they used to be. We will still turn in your packages to the shipping carrier within 1-5 business days (most cases being 1-2 business days) but we cannot change shipping times. Please understand that we have no control over shipping after the package leaves our hands. UPS and USPS are not garunteeing their shipping times so even if you choose 2 day shipping it can take longer than that. We have no way of changing this.

I want to clarify: there is a difference between our processing time and shipping times. When you select 2 day shipping that is the time that USPS or UPS will take the deliver your package, that does not include our facility's processing time. Our processing time is 1-5 days so you have to calculate the processing time on top of the shipping time to know when your package will be delivered.

GLITTER INFO: Our polyester glitter is UV resistant as well as resistant to most solvents, able to withstand higher temperatures (can be baked for our fishing lewer and car freshie makers, lays flatter, and covers more surface area than regular craft glitter. Our glitter shines beautifully under epoxy and other resins.

We sell our regular hex glitters in 1 oz bags, 2 oz bags, 1.5 oz shakers (clear square shakers), 4 oz shakers (clear square shakers), and 3.5 oz shakers (clear round shakers with black lid). We are currently switching from selling in bags and square shakers to selling in 3.5 oz shakers. The bags and square shakers are measured and sold by weight but our new round shakers will be measured and sold by volume. Eventually, we will only sell in 3.5 oz shakers weighed and sold by volume.

Our specialty glitter (circle mixes and shapes besides hex cut) are sold in premium 1 oz acrylic jars. These glitters are measured by volume.

 Colors may appear different in person than in photos due to monitor colors.

There are slight color variations between batches from the same supplier and should be expected. This is true of all products such as glitter, flooring, bricks, etc..

HAZARDOUS PRODUCTS: Must be shipped by ground! If you place an order that contains Marble Paints or alcohol inks and you do not select UPS ground shipping we will either refund your order (if the price you paid for shipping does not cover the ground shipping cost) or we will switch your shipping method to UPS ground if you paid enough to cover the UPS ground shipping cost. We can ONLY ship these items with UPS ground, since they are flammable.

ORDERS: Orders cannot be combined or changed after the transaction has been completed. 

All transactions are final. We will not conduct returns during this time.

SHIPPING: If you choose a shipping method that does not have insurance, we cannot be held liable for lost or damaged items. USPS Priority and UPS Ground automatically come with $100 worth of insurance. If you would like to purchase more insurance for your order please send us an email to with a picture or screenshot of the items in your cart and we can calculate the extra insurance cost for you. USPS first class is uninsured and Fairytale Glitter LLC will not be held liable for any damages incurred during shipping. 

Fairytale Glitter's Golden Ticket Giveaway Game: Anyone who has made an order with Fairytale Glitter LLC that costs more than $30 (not including tax and shipping cost) will automatically receive a golden ticket in their order. No purchase is necessary to be entered, if you would like to join without ordering, here is a link to a Google Document:

Those who have received a Golden Ticket will be entered to join a giveaway. More details are posted in our Facebook Group: Fairytale Glitter Tumblers and Other Crafts. 

SOCIAL MEDIA: Please join our Facebook Group Fairytale Glitter Tumblers and Other Crafts. We often post flash sales, show tutorials, host giveaways, and give discount codes. Our instagram is @fairytaleglitter.