1 lb Scented Beads

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  • 1 pound of scented beads
  • These are Buy It Ship It beads and fragrances
  • These are strongly scented aroma beads, which we then cure, to maximize scent retention and output. As always, scents may vary slightly in smell, but we try to be consistent with the scents we offer. Please note, the colors and bead shape/size, may vary at times as we change our items to always offer our customers, the best possible products. Your satisfaction is very important to us.
  • Some fragrances make the beads a dark yellow color, we cannot help this. These beads need to be dyed with darker pigments and micas.
Scent Descriptions
  1. Tiki Beach (fruity and beachy scent)
  2. Pink Coconut Calypso (BBW Type. Smells so good! If you like FLIP FLOPS, you will like this one! Tropical coconut water, seaside freesia, sun-kissed lily, apple & driftwood).
  3. Watermelon
  4. Moon Goddess (violet and iris scented).
  5. Mystery (Fairytale Glitter custom blend of lots of scents, female-oriented).
  6. Paradise Island (pineapple and tropical scent).
  7. Bump N Grind (fruity and sexy).
  8. Washed Denim (A nice, clean denim scent)
  9. Banana Pudding
  10. Bow Ties and Bourbon (BBW Type. A clean and fresh masculine scent with citrus and woody top notes boosted by floral nuance middle notes and long-lasting earthy, musky bottom notes).
  11. Chunky Monkey (Buy It Ship It custom scent. Banana fruity and delicious).
  12. Bahama Mama (Fairytale Glitter Custom Scent. Tropical and fresh with hints of banana, coconut, and various fruits.)
  13. Watermelon Crawler (Fairytale Glitter Custom Scent. Strong watermelon scent with a hint of fresh lemonade).
  14. Monkey Farts (A popular banana blend)
  15. Netflix and Chill (Fairytale Glitter Custom Scent. A sexy date night smell, chocolate, and raspberries).
  16. Brazilian Coffee (sweet and smooth coffee scent)
  17. Blackberry Cheesecake (this one is STRONG and the beads are darkly colored).
  18. Caramel Latte (A smooth, creamy and wonderfully delicious coffee scent with hints of caramel)
  19. Cranberry Orange
  20. Sour Patch Kids
  21. Central Park Pralines (SCENTSY Type. A decadent confection of rich roasted pecans, buttery caramel, and cinnamon sugar). GREAT fall scent!
  22.  Cherry Almond (This classic cherry scent with hints of almond)
  23. Tropical Wind (creamy tropical scent of coconut and passion fruit).
  24. Volcano (Smells like BBW "Sun Washed Citrus". A heavenly citrus blend with top notes of sweet and smooth grapefruit. Capri type)
  25. Graphite (BBW Cologne Type. Sexy and bold blend of sage, bergamot spice & leather woods. Part of BBW Signature Cologne Collection.)
  26. Agent 007 (OMG! Such perfect sophistication in a cologne scent. Mature and classy. Perfect blend of clean, ozone, fruity, earthy, and moss. If James Bond had a cologne, this would be it!)
  27. 50 Shades of Gray (Smells like a sexy and fruity massage oil)
  28. Black Dahlia (Buy It Ship It Custom Scent. A sweet and strong blackberry scent, with mild floral notes. Perfectly blended for those that love sweet and floral).
  29. Baja Cactus (BBW Type)
  30.  AVENTUS by CREED (Almost perfect dupe of the $400.00 cologne. Just amazing. Top notes of Bergamot, Black currant leaves, apple, and Pineapple. Middle notes of Pinkberries, Birch, Patchouli, and Jasmine. Base notes of Musk, Oakmoss, Ambergris, and Vanilla).
  31. Black Ice
  32. Tobacco
  33. Creme Brulee (Intense and decadent. Yummy!)
  34. Clean Cotton (nice clean scent)
  35.  Flip Flops (The PERFECT coconut, beachy scent! Loads of creamy coconut perfectly blended with tropical vanilla).
  36. Birds of Paradise (Custom scent. Sweet, not floral. Top berry notes softened with vanilla and coconut milk).
  37. Leather Vanilla
  38. Ethereal Bliss (A divine and celestial scent. Smells of stone-ground matcha and the perfect blend of tea leaves).
  39. Black Cherry Leather
  40. Butt Naked (Smells just Scentsy's Skinny Dippin'.  A tropical fruity scent.  Perfect blend of fresh melon, sweet strawberries,  juicy apples and pears. Barest hint of vanilla smooths it at the end.)
  41. Amaretto Leather
  42. Amber Romance (Just like the popular Victoria's Secret* fragrance, a warm blend with slight floral hints of jasmine and violet and an overall hint of woody effect).
  43. Fierce (Abercrombie cologne type)
  44. Amber Vanilla
  45. Leather SS (Strong Leather Scent)
  46. Ginger Snap
  47. Pumpkin Latte
  48. Sticky Cinnamon Buns
  49. Spiced Mahogany and Vanilla
  50. Pumpkin Spice
  51. Blue Berry Muffin
  52. Lemon